Our Vision

To be a premier organization in area of our business.
  For building rungs to our vision we endeavor:
  To provide quality and reliability in every service to our customers
  To remain always committed to excellence
  To continue to explore and discover new business horizons
  To define quality by setting benchmarks above industry standards
  To maintain our competitive edge by consciously acting to minimize cost

                                          About Us

History & Outlook

We ‘CS Offshore’ having our base in Dubai have been able to have our presence felt in Middle East, India, West Africa & Singapore by providing leading services in the marine offshore sector and slowly diversifying ourselves.

An Independent establishment registered in Dubai in 2008 with a highly growth oriented objective and a mission to provide the very best commercial service at the most favorable cost by offering a complete solution for the Oil and Gas Industry. The parent company was earlier known under the following names CS Offshore FZE, CS Offshore DMC Est, CS OFFSHORE DMCCO prior to being well known now as CS Offshore DMCC.

CS Offshore set up its wholly owned subsidiaries

C.S Offshore has a team of Master Mariners and Engineers which has boosted the company’s technical and commercial standing in areas of our operations which can be seen by the impressive list of clients achieved in a short span of time.

C.S Offshore is well versed in the offshore industry’s requirement standards and can provide a comprehensive solution with due diligence to keeping safety, health & environment standards foremost thus representing the interests of both Owners and Charterers

The management team of C.S. Offshore is highly experienced in regional and international offshore & shipping services particularly in the international offshore services. They have been able to revolutionize the business especially by their efforts in the development and integration of control systems, implementation of SMS systems.

We adhere to an unequivocal commitment to quality thus maintaining our objectives to ensure smooth and safe operations in all our activities, resulting in increased efficiency and minimizing down time.

The promoters of C.S. Offshore have over a long period of consolidated experience in their relevant field of prowess and their leading principles in that respect are:

Trust and Transparency : "We believe in trust & transparency in all our dealings"
Mutual Respect : "We believe in respecting the dignity of individuals"
Quality : "We are dedicated to a customer oriented quality, constantly striving to improve our process & services guided by the changing needs of the customers"
Excellence : "We believe in continuously improving upon our own benchmarks"

Strengthening our Services & Broadening our reach as we go, supported by our valuable service providers who work under exclusive agreements with us such as ARMS, MAST, VPS etc..""""